The Elevated Seed Co.- Seed packets that inspire your inner homestead gardener

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Why choose The Elevated Seed Co.?

Our veggie and herb seeds are sourced from local Oregon farms that take the highest initiative to produce quality seeds with the best germination rates. Our seed packets contain on average 20% more seeds than bulk companies so you can plant continuously during the summer, save seeds for following seasons, or share with friends!

Our wildflower collections are formulated for best results in attracting pollinators, while region specific mixes support local flora and cutivars that will thrive in your climate.

Best Sellers

All packets printed on 100% post consumer recycled EarthChoice card stock.

  • Bring color into your life with specially formulated wildflower blends!

  • Food for bees!

Mission: My goal is to bring a modern sense of style and quality to the average garden packet while using eco-friendly materials to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. Our packets are designed to inspire everyones inner urban gardener with chic aesthetics and small batch seeds with the high germination rates. The world of horticulture can bring peace into todays hectic lifestyle and make you feel more connected to our beautiful Earth.