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Heirloom Tomato- Pineapple

Heirloom Tomato- Pineapple

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The huge beauties are orange and red marbled inside and out. This variety has an incredibly unique flavor as it is primarily sweet, but with a satisfying, and even surprising, citrus tang. Their large size, up to 5" in diameter, is sure to fill your heirloom tomato craving!

  • Start Pineapple tomato seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost of spring, sowing the seeds in a flat 1/4" deep and 1" apart.
  • When the second set of leaves emerges, transplant the seedlings into individual pots; bury the stems up to the lowest set of leaves to grow strongly rooted plants.
  • Move outdoors after the last frost. 

Packet contains 500mg of GMO free seeds.

All packets are handmade on a thick card stock for a chic look and feel. Some natural variation might occur. 

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