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Wildflower- Bee Mix

Wildflower- Bee Mix

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Bees– including honey bees, bumble bees and solitary bees – are very important because they pollinate not only food crops, but wildflower crops.
Put simply, we cannot live without bees.
The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that pollinators like bees and butterflies help pollinate approximately 75% of the world's flowering plants and 35% of the worlds food crops.
Save the Bees!

This mix will do best in full sun, but it will perform in partial shade, at least 8 hours of sunlight per day. Different species not only flower at different times, but a different heights, creating a pleasing, colorful effect.

  • For best results, mix seeds with 1:4 ratio of vermiculite or sand to make it easier to spread
  • Mix of Annuals & Perennials
  • Till soil until loose. Spread seeds on top and gently pat down. Do not cover seed with more soil. Keep soil moist. 

Packet contains 2g of GMO free seeds.

All packets are handmade on a thick card stock for a chic look and feel. Some natural variation might occur. 

Seed Mix Contents:  Butterfly Milkweed, Smooth Blue Aster, Lance Leaf Coreopsis, Sulphur Cosmos, Purple Coneflower, Indian Blanket, Lemon Queen Sunflower, Gayfeather, Sweet Alyssum, Spotted Bee Balm, Corn Poppy, Prairie Coneflower, Sweet Mignonette, French Marigold, and Crimson Clover.

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