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Wildflower- Hummingbird & Butterfly Mix

Wildflower- Hummingbird & Butterfly Mix

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This mixture is specifically formulated for attracting Butterflies and Hummingbirds to your yard time and time again.

With its abundance of nectar-rich blooms, the Butterfly & Hummingbird Wildflower Seed Mix can be planted to attract beautiful pollinators in any region of the country. Containing 16 annual and perennial wildflowers including Wild Cosmos, Rocket Larkspur, Echinacea and Catchfly, this diverse blend delivers stunning color throughout the season.

  • Suitable for zones 1-10
  • Plant early spring
  • For best results, mix seeds with 1:4 ratio of vermiculite to make it easier to spread
  • Spread mixture over loose soil and pat down. Do not cover with more soil. Keep moist. 

Seed Mix Contents: Butterfly Milkweed, Columbine, Spurred Snapdragon, Aster Mix, Cosmos Sensation Mix, Chinese Forget Me Not, Larkspur Imperial Mix, Foxglove, Bird's Eyes, Treemallow, Fairy Bouquet Mix, Alyssum, Sickle Keeled Lupine, Maltese Cross, Four O'Clock, Lemon Mint, Red Nicotiana, Red Shirley Poppy, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Scarlet Sage Salvia, Catchfly, Marigold Crackerjack, Jewel Mix, Zinnia Pumila Mix

Packets contains 2g of GMO free seeds.

All packets are handmade on a thick card stock for a chic look and feel. Some natural variation might occur. 

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